RISE2030 is a community-led initiative that focuses on empowering women and youth, aiming at capacity building and improving living conditions through access to education and employment. RISE2030 launched the first all-women solar team in Lebanon to challenge the gender stereotypes in the male-dominated construction sector. Thirteen female trainees installed a solar system at a waste sorting and material recovery facility in Qaraoun. The project was implemented in The Federation of Bouhayra Municipalities, which serves more than 18 municipalities around the Qaraoun Lake.

Renewable Energy and Waste Management: RISE2030 community members were trained and educated to design and install an on-grid solar photovoltaic system that would cover 100% of the facility’s daily need for power and later a second team installed a solar tree in the public garden. In addition, the management team leading this project is composed of mostly women, with a total of 147 women involved and benefiting from the activity. The project also helped female-led small businesses prepare and sell their rural processed food through the women’s association of the town. RISE2030 was hailed as a national success, as the first all-women team in solar energy in Lebanon.

“Rise2030 launches the first
all-women solar crew in Lebanon”

Rise 2030 is composed of a series of comprehensive on-ground projects designed to achieve rural development, individual empowerment, and decentralization of power.


Year:  2019-2022
Village: Qaroun, Jeb Jannine, Aitanit, and Sohmor
Beneficiaries:  Federation of Bohaira Municipalities
(18 municipalities)
Activities: Waste recycling facilities, Water Pumps, waste management facilities, solar trees, etc.


Year: 2019
Village: Qaroun
Beneficiaries: 100+ disabled persons
Activities: Civil works
Electrical wiring & connections
Insulation & waterproofing
Back-filling & infrastructure


Year: 2020
Village: Qaroun
Beneficiaries: Federation of Bohaira Municipalities
(18 municipalities) & Public School of Qaroun
Activities: Landscaping
Land Clearing and Grading


Year: 2020
Village: Qaroun
Beneficiaries: 12 Syrian Refugees
Activities: Basic literacy training
Personal development skills


Year: 2019-2022
Village: Sohmor & Qaraoun
Beneficiaries: 100 Women-led businesses & associations
Activities: Helping female-led small businesses and women in the cooperatives prepare and sell their rural processed food through the women’s association of the town. 
The initiative supports local farmers and creates sustainable job opportunities.


Year: 2019 -2020
Village: Taanayel, Zahle, Chtaura, West Bekaa
Beneficiaries: 10 sites
Activities: Site visits & installation assistance
Work internships for senior students
Technical visits

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